SKU: ET2616

The new CanDo OBD Aid allows you to safely check the OBDII DLC port to diagnose exactly what is causing communication errors. It is a fast and easy way to properly check your DLC port prior to scan tool communication or ECU flashing.

Where to buy?

You will be able to purchase through any automotive tool stockists. Including but not exhaustive to Repco, Burson, Ashdown Ingram, Total Tools, Sydney Tools and the list goes on.

Features and Benefits:

-Conduct a safety check on OBDII DLC port prior to connecting your scan tool or flashing ECU
-Constantly monitor the battery voltage with warning beeps in the event of weak battery condition
-Warning beep will alert you when the voltage falls below 12V or when it rises above 15.2V while programming or coding
-Provides a quick check on the alternator charging condition
-Making voltage/frequency measurement at the pins during diagnosis communication with ECU when the engine will not start
-Detection of protocol and data communication during diagnosis and re-flash on the ECU.
-Colored LED lights display when a protocol is detected, grounds and voltage.


Operating Range: 7.0 ~ 24.0VDC Input
Maximum Load: Up to 5.0 amps. Output
Overload Protection: Yes, PTC Fuse
Monitoring Voltages: Yes, below 12V, higher than 15.2V
Protocols Detected: PWM(J1850), VPW(J1850), ISO 9141-2, DIS/ISO 14230-4, CANBUS (J-2284)
OBDII Connector: 88mm length